The Sisters of Mercy
The Utterly Bastardly Unofficial Websites

These sites are 102% unofficial and has no connection with the official site at other than the fact we think it's the best rockband of this Millenium (keep in mind this Millenium takes until the end of 2000/12/31!). The responsible for system is Wim Vandeputte (

Glasperlenspiel fanzine

Independent magazine dedicated to The Sisters of Mercy. Founded after Sisters' official magazine and information service, Underneath the Rock, had recently been killed off under mysterious circumstances, leaving the band without a forum for discussion and comprehension of their unique approach to songwriting, live concerts, and the circus that surrounds any moderately successful rock band. We decided that the gap needed to be filled.

The Sisters of Mercy Tours webzine

The ultimate web resource when it comes to Sisters concerts. Extensive setlists, reviews, overviews and interviews from the current tours, whole lotta pictures, live movies, trainspotter's corner, latest news... what else can you wish for?

Head and Star fanzine

English homepage of the German fanzine.

The Sisters of Mercy FAQs

Where the old Sisters FAQs go to die (and the new ones are born).